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Can you add 5 odd numbers to get 30?
It is 7,9 + 9,1 + 1 + 3 + 9 = 30Wish you can find the 7,9 and 9,1 in the list of1,3,5,   7,9    ,11,13,151,3,5,7,      9,1    1,13,15
America expects the rest of the P5+1 countries, to go along with them in pulling out of the Iran deal. How fair is that to Iran, when this deal was supposedly made in good faith?
LWhen thinking about the current situation over the perceived threat to world peace, regional order, Americas regional allies Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Especially two threats in the form of missiles and funding of non state actors especially on the battlefield from Iran you have to decide who to believe.On missile developments and the Trump disavowed nuclear treaty who, The US President and his cabal, the Israeli right and the current Govt, the unelected Kings and Emirs of the Middle East, the autocrat Sisi and so on or the Independent United State's Security and Intelligence services and other 5 Eyes Services, who most of the Trump aligned list say is wrong, unintelligent or should go back to school? Choose for yourself.On funding of non state actors, both the United States and Iran are neck deep in troops and militias all over the region, as well as weapons supply and the furnishing of intelligence.Put yourself in Iran's place, the US the worlds self appointed policeman and occasional guardian of free trade, democracy, free speech and human rights ( but mostly only in countries it does not like, so India, KSA, Egypt, Israel, Nigeria all get a free pass for instance) has with its alliance got them hemmed in.Now I am a fan Iranian people and culture but as a straight up atheist I loath the god fearing totalitarianism of the regime, they are not nice people and their shock troops the Benji and the Revolutionary Guards are an affront to liberty, equality and human rights.How ever geo politically, they are hemmed in by their enemies.On a religious or cultural front, their rivals are Sunnis who persecute members of their sect across the middle east. Their rivals are even less Democratic than Iran.Economically their rivals in the energy sector are the same Sunni group. This Arabian group bar Iraq is desperate to limit the vast supplies of oil and gas under Shire/Iranian influence depressing the market with volume as these Sunni monarchs have once dimensional economies and a future demise staring at them.So back to being hemmed in, they have the KSA on their southern boarder along with the GCC containing huge numbers of US troops, they have the US in Afghanistan on their eastern boarder replete with a 20 year occupation and stalemate which is bleeding regional dysfunction, drugs,crime , refugees etc. They have US backed and invaded Iraq or their Western boarders with thousands of more US troops.On the northern boarders they have Turkey a NATO member, regional rival and again a nominally Sunni regime and unpredictable some time friend of Egypt and Israel.Then there is Russia lead by Putin a man not high on the list of good and predicable neighbours.So how do you defend your patch, dig in or push back on multiple fronts and do this as the regional guardian of Shite minorities.Iran has little choice but to take the fight away from her boarders and to seek unorthodox military, geopolitical and economic allies such as China, Pakistan, Russia, non US dollar denominated oil sales to India, the Koreas, influence in Somalia, Yemen etc. This helps to stretch the political and military capacity of her foes by supporting militia in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and other places as well as having troops on the ground in Syria which takes it right up to the Mediterranean littoral with the access that gives her to North African Sunnis or more friendly regimes and Europe.Europe sees this and it sees a non military solution in the context of a post fossils fuel peak world.Iranian demography if well managed with soft power will fix the Mullah's more effectively than screwing up again like Sisi/ the Brotherhood, Algeria, Libya, Iraq and so on by destroying structures and creating power vacuums in nations with poor Democratic traditions and peaceful party structures.
Has a movie studio ever made a change to a movie that turned out to be a good call?
Meet Irving Thalberg. Thalberg was was head of production for MGM from 1925 to 1937. "he produced four hundred films, most of which bore his imprint, and their production had adapted his innovations. Among those innovations were story conferences with writers, sneak previews to gain early feedback, and extensive re-shooting of scenes to improve the film". (italics added).An associate producer write...Some of the great films that came out of Metro were remade at his suggestion. He had that uncanny abilityOften, where he felt improvement was needed, he arranged for scenes to be reshotMost of MGM's major films in the 1930s were, according to Flamini, "in a very real sense," made by Thalberg. He closely supervised the making of "more pictures than any other producer in Hollywood's history," and was considered the "archetype of the creative producer," adds Flamini. as a result, "MGM became the most successful studio in Hollywood".One specific example is Ben-Hur. The movie was way over budget and a mess - Thalberg ordered much of the existing footage to be discarded, and reshot. The result was a huge hit.The podcast You Must Remember This has a recent episode focusing on Thalberg (MGM Stories Part One - Louis B. Mayer vs. Irving Thalberg (YMRT #56)) as part of a longer series on MGM in the 30s, check it out....I think the problem is that every producer since then has thought they were Irving Thalberg!
As the nature always try to fill out the void, how can atoms be made of 99,99% of void? Why do they not collapse on themselves?
Under the much older planetary model of electrons, I think it was assumed that the electrons (relativistic?) kinetic energy kept them in orbits flying around around rather than collapsing, similar to planetary gravitation, or something like that.Under the semi older but now not quite accurate probability model, mathematically, there's the most likelihood of finding an electron in a shell some distance away from the nucleus, but that doesn't necessarily mean the electron doesn't pass closer to the nucleus…if I understand correctly. See here: Why Don't Electrons Just Fall Into the Nucleus of an Atom?Under the current understanding, electrons, neutrons, protons, and everything else are just some sort of emergent perturbations of underlying quantum fields, and the whole game no longer even makes any sense in a way that we can classically imagine it. It's beyond my understanding as to why those quantum fields seem to resolve, at least in terms of physical interaction, into something that seems to have an outer probability electron shell and a lot of empty space in between. I will leave it to the experts so perhaps answer that (cue Viktor T. Toth).
What can we do to improve the Indian education system? How can a possible solution be brought to the government’s attention?
This is a fallacy that for betterment of any kind we have to have some education system.See following Info graphicShare of world GDP throughout history - Infogram, charts & infographicsand try to find the reasons why the wealth deteriorated of this country Despite having more then 35000 college?Looking towards government is the sole cause of all this deterioration of the system.Despite so called educated person we just ignored the Akbar who know nothing about education ruled effectively this nation for another three generations.We also ignore the fact that despite lacking formal education Shivaji made this country proudly self reliant and recaptured the administration for betterment of this nation. And country owned ten times more wealth in1700AD then todayWe forget that most of the influencers were lacking formal education, successfully changed the overall scenarios in their favour.Here are few names we may know were never educated in any collageChristopher ColumbusHenry FordThomas EdisonBenjamin FranklinAbraham LincolnAndrew CarnegieBut all of them created history for us. (We should understand why they succeeded despite absence of our so called education)For understanding various types of effects of different kind of education we have to see following three small videos in sequence.After watching them we may opt to read for much longer article of mineOnce we care about 64 Kalā Now we consider just one out of those 64 (mostly#42, 51, 55 ) important and leave rest 63 and think education is complete.In actuality we need today 364 in place of those ancient 64 Kala to be taught.There is a solution but If we opt to admire wealth of pirate system of economy and hope to get sustainability of agrarian system of economy it is just a misnomer. can it be implemented by any initiatives?We desire more Sincerity toward the part of parents then their kids or government.The family atmosphere,family values,aspirations andadmiration of parents,their day to day actions make more significant impact upon the curious grasping mind, than any which education system which take them as raw material to be converted into the finished proudest (in mass)Which could generate million to one Satya Nandella but none of Bill Gates
How long is the world estimated to survive before we run out of all the natural resources especially crude oil? What next? Is there any significant changes being made to find viable alternative solutions?
How Long?Here are some figures from Wikipedia on proven reserves of oil & gas: Years of production left in the ground with the current proved reserves and flows aboveCoal: 148 yearsOil: 43 yearsNatural gas: 61 yearsSource: Fossil fuel When you pair the pace of technological innovation in non-carbon power generation and the rapidity of ecosystem effects and super-storms, I think most can agree this is a matter of some urgency.What Next? There are relatively trivial efforts underway in the U.S. to replace fossil (non-renewable) fuels with renewables. The efforts underway in Germany, most of Europe, China, and India, and the rest of the world, are more substantial. Germany is the clear leader in renewable energy as of this writing, with some estimates suggesting they will be able to attain 100% of electricity needs from renewables by 2050.[1]In the U.S., the coal, oil & gas companies have Congress in a chokehold, making meaningful reform, such as the feed-in-tariff that vaulted Germany from 6% renewable generation in 2022 to 25% in 2022 (creating 300,000+ jobs along the way), extremely unlikely.[2] Why these owners of big companies fail to take into account the energy of the future is anyone's guess: As for the survival horizon, it's anyone's guess, but it's likely that increasing demand for energy will make "economical" ever-more-destructive methods of liberating increasingly poor-quality fossil fuel sources (fracking, shale oil, etc). The general populace of the U.S. is unlikely to "wake up" to this wholesale ecological devastation until a few more Hurricane Sandys pummel major U.S. cities to rubble, and the link is made between this Dirty Weather and the Dirty Fuels we are running our country on. [1]Germany Has Built Clean Energy Economy That U.S. Rejected 30 Years Ago [2]Renewable energy in Germany
What are some realistic changes that can be made to better the service of the Muni?
Muni has proposed over 1000 engineering changes (either paint, minor changes to curbs or bus stop changes) as part of the TEP travel time reduction proposals on 8 of the heaviest used corridors in the system. These include sidewalk extensions and boarding islands, replacing stop signs with traffic signals or other measures, transit stop changes including moving stops, eliminating stops, and adding new stops, traffic engineering changes such as adding turn lanes, turn restrictions, and transit-only lanes, and pedestrian improvements such as curb extensions and other crosswalk treatments.In total, these changes are projected to improve travel speeds by 20 percent. But these changes require hard trade-offs in the public right-of-way, either in terms of parking spaces or travel lanes for mixed traffic. In the next year, if you have an opinion about any of the proposed changes, make it known. You can call 311, write a letter to SFMTA board members, your Supervisor, or at public hearings. You can check out all the proposals at www.sfmta.com/tep, and if you have an affinity or neighborhood group that wants a personalized presentation on a particular route (J Church, N Judah, 5 Fulton, 8x Bayshore Express, 14 Mission, 22 Fillmore, 28 19th Avenue, 30 Stockton) you can request one. The realistic change that you can make is to review the proposals and make your opinion known to the policy makers and the SFMTA.
My broker quoted a wrong rate on the good faith estimate. Can I force them to do the deal at that rate?
You can force the broker to honor the quoted rate on the GFE. That is why the loan scenario includes a GFE, so the consumer can be informed at the beginning of the loan all of the costs to do the loan and the rate.
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