Video instructions and help with filling out and completing respa section 6

Instructions and Help about respa section 6

Welcome everyone we're gonna get started with our exam prep crash course so this is your mortgage loan originator exam prep crash course the online version now the way that this class is going to work there's a series of powerpoints videos training practice tests that we're going to go through but every time there's a video there's also a PowerPoint that I want you to download so you can follow along with me that way you can highlight important details as I go through them and you have those notes in front of you so let's go ahead and get started for those of you that have not met me or had an opportunity to look on our Yelp page or Facebook or even our website my name is are trisha wood and i'm gonna be your instructor there's gonna take you through the exam prep course here i have our office number if you need to reach us directly you can dow eight hundred nine nine one six zero nine seven and press extension two if you want to email us here's my personal email or tricia one two three at i also want to encourage each of you to get online if you do face book and get into our nmls study group we have a private study group on facebook where i put in pop quizzes video students have an opportunity to interact with one another and you can ask me questions and that's a good way to get fast response so all you have to do if you have facebook is going to the search bar type in mls study group it will take you to our study group right now we're the only in mls study group on facebook and just actually join now when you do extra join there are three questions that you have to answer three prerequisite questions i can't let you in the group unless you answer those three questions so make sure you do that and then we'll accept you into the group if you don't do Facebook or social media please have an opportunity to go onto our website ml o training academy calm and there's a series of videos there so if you go to ml o training academy calm and just click where it says videos some training videos on there a lot of the same videos that I put on Facebook that I put on YouTube you can take an opportunity to check out some of those videos but this course that you're in now has over thirty nine forty or so videos in and of itself so there's no shortness of learning material so let's go ahead and get started now this is our disclaimer I do want to let you know that all our information our videos our handouts everything is copy written I do make it so there's a lot of the information you can download but it's for you


4 inlet pipes with circular cross-section take 9 hours to fill a cistern. How many pipes of half the radius are needed to fill it in 6 hours, if the speed of water is thrice the earlier speed?
Let radius = r speed = vno of pipes = 4total time = 9 hoursSo, total volume = (pie * r^2) * 9 * v * 4Now, new radius = r/2new speed= 3vtotal time = 6 hours n of pipes be xSo, (pie * r^2) * 9 * 4 = (pie * (r/2)^2) * 6 * 3v * xi.e x = 88 Pipes are required.
How do I fill out the academic background section in the Oakland University masters program?
Talk about your undergraduate research (senior thesis), any academic honors, any projects you assisted with, and note one or two strong writing samples. I don’t know for sure what their application entails, but many graduate programs want to know about these.
How do I fill out a required section for a phone number if I don’t have a phone yet?
Grab a Google Voice number. It is free and gives you a phone number where people can leave voicemail.When you have a phone, you can forward that number to your phone.
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