Video instructions and help with filling out and completing when do you get a good faith estimate

Instructions and Help about when do you get a good faith estimate

Hello and for today's topic I will be discussing closing costume what is a good faith estimate your closing cost consists of fees that are charged by your lender title company realtor mortgage broker government and any reimbursement to the seller for real estate taxes already paid these closing costs will also include your prepaid items your prepaid items are your premium interest and your escrow for taxes per diem interest is the amount of interest that you pay for each day from the date that you closed until the end of the month these fees may vary in accordance with your purchase price so please keep in mind that the higher your purchase price the higher your closing costs will be the final dollar amount of your closing costs will not be provided to you until several days prior to closing so in order for you to have a ballpark figure as to what you will be financially responsible for you will need to be provided with a good faith estimate a good faith estimate is simply that it's an estimate of charges these are not exact figures and should not be taken as such these are just estimates a good faith estimate will include all your closing costs and prepaid items and will also include your down payment amount and your projected monthly payment you will initially receive a good-faith estimate from your realtor however I must warn that some fees may not be included on that sheet I would highly recommend that you obtain a second good-faith estimate from your mortgage broker to review please know that should your purchase price real estate taxes down payment amount change I highly recommend that you obtain a new good-faith estimate as closing costs may change I hope this information about closing costs and good faith estimate has provided useful to you and increased your knowledge of the home buying process thank you

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