How can I estimate real estate closing costs?
Closing costs fall into two categories. There are the costs to process the loan application and closing agent fees, and the costs associated with insurance, property taxes and other items related to the property such as HOA dues if applicable.Within the first category are things like the appraisal fee, loan origination fee, discount points (prepaid interest), title insurance premiums, and fees to the escrow agent or closing attorney.The seller is responsible for taxes and HOA dues up until the day of closing and the buyer is responsible for taxes from closing day forward. If taxes and dues have been paid for the year then the seller will be due a refund at closing. The buyer will be expected to bring this money to the table. In addition, if a mortgage is involved, an escrow or impound fund needs to be established and is administered by the lender. This fund will contain a amount of money equal to approximately four to six months worth of taxes and insurance. Thereafter your monthly payment will consist of principal and interest and an amount for taxes and insurance. The lender will pay your annual taxes and insurance for you.All these thing constitute what are commonly called closing costs. Your loan officer will provide you with a good faith estimate of these charges within three days after you apply for your loan and can answer any questions in more detail.
What are some good ways to estimate Elastic MapReduce costs?
The cost of computation primarily is tied up with the computational complexity of application and data size. Since many kind of jobs are possible counting data O(n), sorting data O(nlogn) & joining data O(n^2) complexity. The easiest way is to first run your process for a small subset of your data & get the running numbers. For example: sorting  50GB data can cost you ~ 50$ of cost. Now sorting is nlogn so sorting 500GB of data will cost you ~ $1000 with same machine configurations & disk access speed. So to reiterate1. Find the most complex step in your process that is consuming sizable data (it could be read, sort, join etc). 2. Running your process on small data & get some numbers around input size & extrapolate.
How much does it cost to fill out a swimming pool?
The average price of water in the United States is about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. The water required for a pool is in between 15000 gallons to 25000 gallons, you can do the maths now. One important thing is that ask your pool construction company that, is it ok to fill up water continuously or not. They can suggest you in a better way.
How many people became atheist to fill the void created by the lack of simple faith in something?
I don't think that anyone becomes an atheist. They merely remove a past belief from their life if they were once religious or they have never been religious to begin with and chose to remain so. It is akin to ceasing to believe in Santa. It doesn't brand us as becoming Santaless for the rest of our lives. We stop believing in Santa because we realise there is no proof of his existence, as much as we may want there to be. I certainly do.It seems that what many religious people fail to understand is that both theists and atheists have a vast array of things and people to have faith in, without mention of the faith in a God. We have faith in our friends and families, in our jobs, mode of transport and in ourselves, to name but a few of many.I think faith is a wonderful thing, including religious faith for those who believe it and find peace or support through it. No decent non-believer would ever ridicule that. But I personally don't feel there is a void to fill as an ex-Catholic. I felt greatly unburdened when I stopped believing unquestioningly and did my own thinking and research. It did not change my morals. If anything it made me take more responsibility for myself and my interaction with the world around me. I, as an atheist, just get on with my life and try to do my best for my family and for others. I don't wear a badge that says "I'm an atheist" and I don't mention it unless questioned. It's a non-issue to me for the most part.Thank you for asking an interesting question that made me think. I appreciate that.
What is a good way to estimate electric costs?
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